Affiliate Programs

Become a SportSync Affiliate and earn easy money for your web site!

Your radio station website, or sports team or fan website, can earn commission from every SportSync radio and accessory sold through your site at no cost to you. And setting up our affiliate program and links on your web page could not be easier.

With our affiliate program you will earn a 10% commission on each radio and accessory sold by linking back to our SportSync Radio page (at for customer ordering. You simply provide the link from your site. The more promotion and the more prominence you give to the link on your site the more sales and commissions you'll drive!

Best of all there's absolutely no cost, overhead or time required for you. We inventory the product, process the order, ship the goods, handle any customer support issues and any returns. You don't need to buy any inventory or provide any other function. We do it all. You just sit back and watch and collect your commissions.

For radiostations, when sports fans purchase the SportSync, they will be able turn down the volume on their TV and listen to their favorite radio broadcasters on your station, both promoting your local sports team and increasing your website publicity. As an affiliate, your only responsibility is either to direct your listeners during sports events and call-in shows to your web site for more information on the SportSync or you could simply promote SportSync on your web site. There, sports fans will find a link (which we'll provide) that brings them to our company page for details and ordering. We handle the entire transaction. There's no work or expense on your part at all!

To start the enrollment process, you must submit a completed online application below. We then review the application and determine, in our sole discretion, whether to accept or reject you as an affiliate. Web sites may be rejected because they contain objectionable material. We will notify you regarding your application in a timely manner.

Applications not completely filled out with contact name, company name, address, phone number, web site address, etc., will NOT be accepted. Applications will not be accepted for web sites that are not live, or web sites currently under construction.

The minimum total earnings required before we generate and mail a check is $50.00. Commissions are calculated and checks cut once per quarter. If you have not reached $50 in a quarter your commissions will be rolled into the next quarter. International customers, you must have a working PayPal account to receive commission payments. We do not send them in any other form.

Once you sign-up, even before we accept your application, your account access will allow you to copy and paste Sport Sync banner ads and logos right away! We recommend that you promote the Sport Syncs on your site in as many applicable places as possible in order to drive the business and generate revenue for you!

**Please note that SportSync is not sold from, but from our main retail website As an affiliate you will be linking to and directing your customers to the SportSync webpage(s) on in order to receive commission.

For more information and how to sign-up please visit the link below.

If you do prefer to buy and stock product in order to earn larger margins, please see our dealer page.

Click here for a PDF of our sell sheet explaining the features, specifications (including size and weight of the product and cartons), terms and benefits of marketing and selling the SportSync SR-202.

Please refer any questions to:

John Niewiecki
1-800-722-6701 ext. 564

Start promoting the Sport Sync today and earn easy money right away!

Check out how Tom Leach, the voice of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, promotes SportSync on his own web page. SportSync generates commissions and helps your station - and your talent - build its brand and listenership!

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