Listen to Your Favorite Radio Broadcasters Call Games in Sync with Your TV!

All New for 2018 - The SportSync SR-404
Limited Supplies Now Available - Order Now!

Now, with the all-new SportSync SR-404 AM/FM Delay Radio, you can turn down the sound on your TV and watch the game while listening to your favorite radio announcers.

Radio play-by-play announcers provide the most descriptive, interesting and fun calls of pro or college sports events. But radio signals almost always run several seconds ahead of TV broadcasts which must pass through cable, satellite or HDTV systems. Before, if you tried to listen on the radio and watch on TV, you heard each play called on the radio well in advance of the same action you saw on TV….it took all the fun out of the game. Now, with the SportSync SR-404, you can delay the radio audio up to 16 seconds to exactly match what you're watching on TV.

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SportSync Radio SR-404 Features

• AM / FM / SW PLL Digital Radio
• Up to 60 Seconds of Audio Delay

  in adjustable half-second increments
• 520 - 1710 KHz AM / 88- 108 MHz FM
• Shortwave Radio Bands up to 22 MHz
• 25 Memory Presets for each Radio Band
• LCD Display with Backlighting
• Tuning Seek Function
• Clock Radio with Alarm and Snooze
• Sleep Function (up to 90 minutes)
• Signal Strength Meter

  • • Battery Level Indicator
    • Telescoping FM Antenna + External Jack
    • Powerful Internal AM Ferrite Loop Antenna
    • Headphone Jack
    • External Aux Audio Input Delay Option
    • May Connect to Home Theater Systems
       (using delayed Sportsync radio audio)
    • Easy to Carry Handle
    • Optional Accessories – sold separately:
        AC Adapter, Carrying Case, Earphone,
        Home Theater Connection Cable

How it Works - It's So Easy to Use!

Simply adjust the display slider to listen to the game's radio broadcast synchronized with the action on TV.

The delay slider allows you to apply from zero to sixteen seconds of delay to any radio broadcast, either AM or FM. It usually just takes one or two game plays to match the radio audio to the TV. Sometimes you can even match the sound of a referee's whistle or the bat hitting the pitched ball, for example. Anyone can use the SportSync, from practically the youngest to the oldest fan. It's simple! Note: In a few rare occasions the TV delay will exceed sixteen seconds or in even more rare occurrences the radio will run be behind the TV.

You can use the optional home theater cable to connect the SportSync to the Auxiliary input of your stereo system so you can watch the game on your big-screen TV while listening to the delayed and in-sync radio audio through your home theater speakers (with mono audio).

Why You Need It

Radio Broadcasts Almost Always Run Ahead of TV Broadcasts

Local radio broadcasts of sports events are just about always in "real time." So many people bring radios to sporting events to listen to the radio play-by-play call that the radio stations insure that their signals are going from the microphone to the transmitter and out to your radio at the speed of light - in other words in real time, without any delay.

National radio broadcasts are sometimes delayed slightly because signals are uplinked and downlinked through a satellite to your local radio station before being transmitted to your radio. But in the main, you hear the radio call the moment the action actually occurs.

TV signals require a much greater amount of processing. First, with video, there is much more bandwidth and processing required. Second, signals from the ballpark will generally be fed to the director's truck and up through a satellite and back down to a station or to a cable system "head-end" where the signals are then sent down the cable wires strung across your city. The cable signal then must be decoded by your cable TV box. If you have satellite TV there is another satellite up and downlink involved before the signal reaches you. All this processing, while happening very fast, ultimately takes some number of seconds and thus you end up with a delay. (Further delay may be built in to some TV broadcasts because of the need to insure no inappropriate words are spoken over-the-air or pictures of wardrobe malfunctions are seen.)

In the end the TV signals take longer to reach your TV screen than the broadcast radio signal. That's why you could no longer simply "Turn the sound down on your TV and turn your radio up," like you we were all instructed years ago……until now with the SportSync Radio from Scanner Master!