Radio Stations & Promotions

SportSync is the perfect corporate give-away or promotion!

Contact us by phone or e-mail (see below) to learn how you can customize SportSync for your organization. For radio stations there is no better way to encourage your listeners to listen to your station's play-by-play instead of losing home audiences to the TV broadcast every time.

Listen to 95.5 The Game Sports Radio, Portland OR, the radio voice of the NBA Portland Trailblazers.

Listen to Chicago Cubs broadcasters during a Cubs game on WGN Radio talk about the SportSyncRadio.

Listen to Sports Central with David Kaplan promoting the SportSyncRadio.

Listen to Spike O-Dell Show promoting the SportSyncRadio.

Because the TV signals are delayed and radio broadcasts run several seconds ahead of the TV, even if a radio station audience wanted to listen to the local radio broadcasters while watching the game with the sound down on their TV they couldn't do it. You hear the action on the radio well in advance of watching it on your television. It ruins the game. SportSync puts the two in sync. That's why it's the perfect promotional item.

Working with Scanner Master you can create a logo label that's applied above the speaker grille or a larger peel off label that's put onto the speaker grille itself.

Radio stations can give these away "Be the seventh caller…." and sell them as well. SportSync is a great brand-builder!

Corporations and organizations that want to offer a unique sports gift to their employees and customers can similarly customize and personalize the radio for their business or group.

Contact your local distributor or Rich Barnett at Scanner Master at 508-474-6851 or by e-mail,