The Original SR-101

The original Sportsync, the SR-101, was a best-seller for Scanner Master but has now been retired and is no longer available. The SR-101 had an analog tuner that required users to hone in on the frequency of their favorite stations and it had only eight seconds of delay. With the release of the new SR-202 customers will find tuning far easier with this digital PLL model. Now you simply scroll up to the frequency of your choice and reception is locked on. We also found over time that delays were getting extended beyond eight seconds in many instances and with the SR-202 and its 16 seconds of delay capacity, almost every radio broadcast can be put in sync with TV without question.

The SR-202 has loads of other new features that the SR-101 never had including memory presets (40 of them actually!), a clock, with alarm and day and date, bigger audio, two types of desktop stands built-in, and much more.

The SR-101 was a great radio in its day. But now we're proud to release our next generation Delay Radio, a huge advance in technology, the SR-202.