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SportSyncRadio comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day parts and labor warranty from Scanner Master. Please save your original receipt of purchase and include a copy with any warranty repair request. The warranty covers any and all defects but does not cover user-caused damage such as drops, liquid spills and the like. Send e-mail to Scanner Master requesting a warranty repair authorization request before sending back your radio.

SportSyncRadio was developed by Scanner Master Corp. Contact Scanner Master at:

Scanner Master Corp.
260 Hopping Brook Road, Holliston, MA 01746

For customer support questions, send an e-mail to

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Tech Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

1. As radio reception can vary location by location. If you are having problems receiving a station try aiming the radio in different directions on the AM band and extending the telescoping antenna for FM band reception. In the rare case of an extremely poor reception area you can also try plugging in a wire antenna (at least 8' in length) using a 1/4" mono jack and place that by a window. Scanner Master does not offer this as an accessory but you can make one with a couple of parts from a local electronics store.

2. If you are unsure whether the delay for the sporting events you are watching is greater than 16 seconds (the difference in time between what you hear on a regular radio and what you are watching on TV) please view a game before ordering Sportsync and time the difference. The delays may vary slightly game to game but if the delay is under 16 seconds then in all likelihood it will remain so.

3. At times national broadcasts will delay much longer than local broadcasts. So a delay on a local game may be 5 seconds for example and 14 seconds for the national TV broadcast.

4. Satellite TV delays are typically longer than cable or over-the-air TV broadcasts delays. Sometimes even greater than 16 seconds. The delays do vary from one sport to another.

5. If the delay is longer than 16 seconds typically for the sport you're interested in there is unfortunately nothing that SportSync can do to extend the amount of delay that the radio provides. Delays longer than 16 seconds are rare but not unprecedented.

6. In very rare cases the radio broadcast will run behind the TV. This is due to excessive time delays built in to the radio broadcast that SportSync has no control over. The best answer in these cases is to delay the TV signal by using a DVR tuner box.

7. Delayed audio does not have the quality or fidelity and audio range of un-delayed "live" audio. If you delay music or delay people talking in a quiet studio setting you may particularly notice this reduced quality. However, during sports broadcasts, where you have constant fan noise in the background, you will find that the delayed audio quality is typically very good although still slightly reduced in range but perfectly fine and enjoyable for listening to while watching the game on TV. Of course the only time it's really necessary to delay the audio is during sports events anyway. At other times if you set the delay slider all the way to the left, to zero seconds, the delay feature will be off.

8. The clock on the SR-202 is a 24-Hour (military) clock so 2 PM will appear as 1400 and this cannot be changed.

9. When you turn on the radio if you notice "A.IN" in the radio display the radio is indicating to you that the remote audio input feature has been selected. You can de-select it simply by pushing up the switch on the top left side of the radio labelled ANT EXT and AUX IN. If the switch has been set to the lower position, AUX IN, then the radio will be set to expect a signal from an external source such as a home theater stereo system which is will then delay. But if you will not be using the feature at this time simply throw the switch to ANT IN and the radio will be ready to use. (It only is concerned with a remote antenna if and when you plug one in to the side jack but that is almost never needed. Otherwise the radio will ignore that switch setting and use the included antenna.)

10. There is a lock switch on the side of the radio which locks the keypad to prevent accidental tuning and other changes. If you see a key symbol in the display the lock switch is engaged and you will not be able to make adjustments. Just change the switch position on the side of the radio to disable the lock.

11. An AC adapter is not currently available but is expected early 2012.

12. If you are having any difficulty receiving a station remember that radio signals are affected by terrain, distance to the station, interfering signals or other stations sharing the same frequency and much more. Sometimes you may just not be in an area close enough to a station to receive it or there could be other factors at play. You can also try moving the radio away from any possible sources of interference including lights which run on dimmers, flourescent lights, computers, TVs, etc. Also try aiming the radio in different directions (the AM antenna inside is directional) and of course extend the telescoping antenna for FM and moving it around in different directions. Try a different room in the house. There is also an external antenna jack on the side of the radio which you can try using a mono headphone jack connector you can purchase at a local electronics store and attach a long wire to it, but this is a last resort and generally should not be necessary.